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100% natural skincare

We believe in making luxurious and ethically produced skincare that works.

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Certified Palm Oil free and Cruelty Free

We are the 1st skincare company in the world to receive a Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark.

The story behind Amaranthine

My passion for natural skincare


Face oil and cleansing balm
Our Face Oil and Cleansing Balm are firm customer favourites - they make a fantastic skincare duo too!
Rejuvenating Face Mask mixed in a bowl
Our collection of clay based face masks to suit four different skin types.


Can’t live without it! Amazing service all the way through! Answered all my concerns, followed up after my purchase too. This oil has really helped with some mild acne I have, using it morning and night and I can finally go out without make up on! The doctors prescription didn’t even help like this did!

KatieFace Oil

I love this cleansing balm - I look forward to getting ready for bed and using it. The whole process is wonderful: releasing the amazing relaxing smell as I apply it, then the warm water to rinse it off feels like I’m wiping the day away ready for a good sleep. I’ve had several jars of this now and I won’t be changing my routine any time soon!

Mel MCleansing Balm

I’ve been using this oil as part of my evening routine for about 3 weeks now and I love it! I apply a few drops instead of moisturiser after using the cleansing balm. It has a lovely, calming scent which is perfect for bedtime and my skin feels smooth and nourished in the morning.

Jan HFace Oil