Plant 6 Trees


 Use your rewards to plant trees! 500 rewards = 6 trees 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲

At the end of every month we tally up the amount of trees our customers have used their rewards for and transfer the funds to environmental charity One Tree Planted who will plant the trees on your behalf. To date, we have planted trees in Latin America and Indonesia.

One Tree Planted are a non profit organisation that want to make it easy for people to give back to the environment by planting trees. They help reforestation efforts around the world, creating a healthier climate and protecting biodiversity. We love what they are doing and are very excited to be partnered with them. To learn more about what they do check out their website here.

Why did we chose to partner with this particular charity?

At Amaranthine we are environmentally conscious and we strongly believe in the benefits of reforestation. Trees and plants are being burned and logged at astonishing rates. 46% of the worlds forests have already been destroyed - a staggering 80 000 acres of forest disappears from the earth every single day! 80% of the worlds terrestrial plants live in forests and are losing their habitats due to deforestation and this loss of habitat can lead to species extinction. 12.4 000 000 acres of forest are permanently converted to growing commodity crops, such as palm oil, each year. For example, the Orangutan is critically endangered due to its habitat being cleared for palm oil plantations.