Our Values

Only the best ingredients

We use natural, minimally processed ingredients. Each ingredient is chosen for their specific properties - Amaranthine creations are concentrated blends that are naturally packed with active nutrients. We truly believe that everything for beautiful skin can be found from nature!

Many of our ingredients are organic and fair trade. Some ingredients, for example Raspberry Seed Oil, are very difficult to source organic and we feel that its specific benefits outweigh excluding it for not being organic.

We source ingredients mindfully and only use suppliers that we feel have similar ethical values to our own. Our fair trade organic Shea Butter, for example, is bought from a supplier who owns a cooperative in Ghana. This cooperative helps local women gain employment and receive a fair wage.

Our essentials oils are from an organic distillery in France. Their essential oils have an exquisite fragrance due to the exceptional quality of their products. Their batches are traceable from the manufacturing process to delivery at our Edinburgh studio. Traceability is vital due to adulteration that is not uncommon in the essential oil processing business.

Cruelty Free

Cruelty free logo.

We are certified Cruelty Free by PETA and are part of their Beauty without bunnies Program.


Palm oil free logo.

Environmental responsibility is very important to us. We are continuously working find alternatives to reduce our footprint. Your suggestions are always welcome!

All of our products are Certified Palm Oil Free. We are the first skincare company in the world to attain a Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark.

We do not use unsustainable/ over-harvested ingredients. We pledge to reduce our waste from production right through to delivery.

Our product packaging is mostly glass which can be re-purposed or recycled. We are constantly evolving our packaging to be more sustainable, for example we  recently launched our new compostable refill packs for our clay face masks. You can find detailed information about the recycling options available for each component of our packaging in the product description pages.


Amaranthine products are handmade in small batches in our Edinburgh studio. Small batches ensure that your products are always fresh and of exceptional quality.

We value you

We are so grateful that you choose to shop with us and support an independent business. Your opinions, questions and feedback are extremely important to us and we love hearing from you. We want you to feel part of the Amaranthine community and love getting to know you via our social media channels and in person at our events