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100% natural skincare

We believe in making luxurious and ethically produced skincare that works.

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Certified Palm Oil free and Cruelty Free

We are the 1st skincare company in the world to receive a Palm Oil Free Certification Trademark.

The story behind Amaranthine

My passion for natural skincare


Face oil and cleansing balm
Our Face Oil and Cleansing Balm are firm customer favourites - they make a fantastic skincare duo too!
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Our collection of clay based face masks to suit four different skin types.


Most DIVINE skincare product. I’ve been using this facial oil for over a year now. I put it on in bed at night to moisturise, and the gorgeous fragrance is relaxing. It’s a lovely little ritual at the end of the day. Now with having to wear a mask everyday I’m using it around my mouth to keep my skin soft & clear of ‘maskne’! It really is a wonder product. I wouldn’t be without it!

Sarah FFace Oil

Incredible mask! I’ve been suffering from terrible spots thanks to wearing a mask all day or “Maskne” as it’s fondly called! The one thing missing from my skincare routine was a mask and I actually didn’t have high hopes but I cannot believe the difference after just one use (followed by the face oil). I woke up this morning and the redness from the spots had died down significantly and my skin looks the best it’s looked in weeks.

Alison CDetox Face Mask

I love this cleansing balm - I look forward to getting ready for bed and using it. The whole process is wonderful: releasing the amazing relaxing smell as I apply it, then the warm water to rinse it off feels like I'm wiping the day away ready for a good sleep. I've had several jars of this now and I won't be changing my routine any time soon!

Mel MCleansing Balm